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Best Tips On Website Marketing

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03 mayıs 2016 salı

Marketing Tips To Direct Traffic To Yoursite
You built up a new website and now you want more visitors to come and visit your site, so that you can generate revenues or accomplish what your real goal is. There are many ways to do this, but before that you need to do some setup:

The Prerequisites
Here you can find a list of some basic steps that you should do before starting to market your website:

  • Do your sites SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is very crucial. So first find a good SEO guide and then apply all the steps listed there
  • Create Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, Linked...etc. Those social media giants are the top traffic sites of the world and use them
  • Identify your target audiance and content strategy - Well this is some prior work that everyone should do.

The Process
All rigth now you are ready to take off. If you have some prior database or contacts you can send them an introductory email. Also you can start sending posts through your social media accounts (yes, they don't have any followers yet) and share those post through your personal accounts. Ask help from your friends and family. Lastly you can use some traffic generating sites. Such as www.maxvisits.com . Lastly give some advertisements on Google for the keywords relevant to your target audiance and content.

Hope these help you to generate traffic on your website.

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